Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 6

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All songs written and recorded during Steel Bridge Songfest,

June 6-13, 2010.

“Though the bridge was closed for rehab and out of

commission during the writing of these songs, her

presence permeated the hallways, penetrated the

doorways, and filled all hearts at the Holiday Motel.

Fueled by elation, sleep deprivation, and the proxim-

ity of respected peers, droves of driven souls churned

out yet another year’s worth of tributes, tall tales, and

ragged anthems. Fortuitous leaps of illogic brought

chance continuity, driving this song cycle up into

orbit, then gently back down again for its dazed and

lovely last hoorah. However inspired the last batch

of songs was, I see there’s always more where those

came from and find myself increasingly looking for-

ward to Volume Seven, Eight, Nine and TEN!”

- p.mAcd. - June, 2011



1. Under The Bridge

2. Water Below

3. Still The Same

4. Steel Beneath My Wheels

5. Silver Saddle

6. Whisky Bridge

7. Goodbye South Bend

8. Red Dress

9. You've Been Replaced

10. Dear Metal Skeleton

11. The Unfortunate Frozen Bratwurst Incident

12. Something Real

13. How Our Song Began

14. We've Come A Long Way

15. You Can't Break It Down

16. Path To My Soul

17. Gods Of Door County

18. Monkeys With Crayons